Griffiths-Scott Celebrates UNESCO

Recognizing the rapidly expanding and ever-changing world that we live in, we are challenged to provide learning opportunities that prepare students to embrace their future.  It is our goal to work with the United Nations Education, Science, and Cultural Organization’s (UNESCO) Associated Schools Project network (ASPnet) to open the eyes of our staff, students and parents to the world around us, and to teach, learn, and act on issues at home and abroad.  It is our intent to provide students with an international perspective of the curriculum in order to help them develop an understanding of how issues relate to their future and community.

We believe that our project has advanced our students to becoming more globally aware of the interests and issues other people face on a daily basis; it most definitely reflects human values and the principles of diversity, equity and human rights and continues to have an enormous impact on the lives of our students.  We feel that by educating our students about the world around them as well as providing them with the opportunity to expand their minds at a young age, we will make them stronger and more responsible citizens.

Griffiths-Scott Middle school has achieved International Accreditation status as an ASPnet School.