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Grades K-8


Mrs. Susan Coleman


Principal: Mrs. Susan Coleman

Vice-Principal: Mr. Stuart Wilson


Griffiths-Scott School is located in the Town of Millet and draws students from the surrounding acreage developments and agricultural community as well as the town.  In the 1980's the community experienced steady growth due to changing job markets and fluctuations in economics.  As a result, large numbers of our parents commute to business centers north and south of Millet. Recently we have experienced significant changes in our student population as families either move into or out of Millet based on employment opportunities. 

Griffiths-Scott School is home to students in Grades ECS to 8.  Approximately one-third of these students are bused.  Students completing grade 9 are bused to Wetaskiwin Composite High School to complete grades 9-12.


Pursuing Excellence


Our mission is to provide a respectful, caring environment valuing quality-learning experiences that result in individual growth for all members of our community.

Our Vision:  To strive to be a supportive learning community, committed to a caring respectful environment that celebrates diversity and excellence.


While the school provides the formal education through schooling, it is only one of the many agencies involved in providing a total education for youth.  Other agencies including the home, church, media, and community organizations are very significant influences on children.  Achievement of the goals of education must be viewed as a shared responsibility.  Maximum learning occurs when the efforts and expectations of the school are complemented by those of other agencies, especially the home.           

We are a learning community where parents and educators work together to support the students in their social, emotional, physical and intellectual development to ensure they are equipped with the skills they need to succeed in life.

Let us work together as we strive to develop the necessary values and abilities in our youth in order that they fulfill personal goals while making a positive contribution to society.


Responsibility is a critical life skill for success as an adult.  Thus, students will be expected to assume responsibility for their actions.  Respect, Responsibility, and Reason are three words your children will hear frequently. The greatest disservice we can do to a child is to fail to build in them a sense of responsibility to themselves and society for making reasoned and respectful choices.  By stressing these values, it is our goal to EMPOWER children to become responsible citizens.


Welcome to all Griffiths-Scott Middle School students and their families!   Whether your students are returning to GS or if you and your family are new to our school, we are looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday, September 6!

There have been some changes throughout the summer and our staff list is shown below. Welcome to our new staff members!  If you haven’t heard I am now the principal of both Griffiths-Scott Middle School and Millet School.  Mr. Gibson has transferred as principal of Pipestone School.  I am looking forward to the opportunity to work with all students and staff of both schools for 2016-2017! Currently I will be at GS in the mornings and at Millet School in the afternoons.  That schedule will be in effect with some flexibility to allow me to meet students’ needs in both locations.

The bell schedule is almost the same as last year for GS. School starts at 8:35 and students are dismissed at 3:35. Students who are not in class at 8:35 are marked late for the morning. Registration for the afternoon is at 12:45.  Students who are not in class at 12:45 are marked late for the afternoon. Please ensure that your child attends school on a regular basis and is on time to maximize their learning.  Attendance (including late arrivals) will be tracked and concerns will be communicated to parents on a monthly basis.

We are excited about the new school year as we have some fun and rewarding learning experiences planned for our students! We are focusing on being a UNESCO school and what that means to our students and staff.  We are excited to highlight “Griffin Pride” through a range of classroom and school wide activities, clubs, teams, projects, assemblies, and presentations!

Our Welcome Back Assembly is Tuesday, Sept. 6 at 10:40! Parents are welcome to join us if they have time.  Also mark Thursday, Sept. 22 on your calendar. We have our Open House at 6:30 on Thursday, Sept. 22. All families of students in GS and Millet School are welcome to attend our Open House.  You will have time to meet staff and tour the school at that time. Our Awards Presentation for 2015-2016 will follow at 7:00 in the gym.

The school year is about to begin! I look forward to seeing all of you.  Stop into to see me, call 780-387-4101 or text me at 780-216-1474 if you have any questions or comments.

                                                                                Mrs. Susan Coleman