Cell Phones & Electronic Devices

The following expectations apply to cell phones, iPods, iPads, mp3 players, gaming devices, laptops, digital cameras or other digital devices:

Personal device use shall follow the school division’s, Wi-Fi, internet and computer use policies.

Students may use electronic devices for educational purposes with specific permission from a teacher during a particular class.

Laptop computers may be used under the same conditions as school computers with permission from the principal and teachers involved.

The Consequences inappropriate use:
The electronic device, cell phone will be confiscated and held by the school for 1 day.

If a student refuses to meet expectations or commits a serious infraction they will not be allowed to bring devices to school for an identified period of time.

For repeated offences, the student will receive an in school suspension. Any further incidents would reflect that the student is unwilling to comply with the expectations of the school. At this point the student will not be allowed to bring an electronic device to school under any circumstances.

Please Note:  In the event that a student does not comply with the request to relinquish their cell phone or electronic devices that student will be subject to suspension.

Acceptable Use of Computers

Improper computer/internet usage may result in the loss of privileges or more serious consequences depending on the circumstance.