Dress Expectations

Students should come to school in appropriate clothing that denotes respect for others and themselves. Different clothing will look different on varying body types and so one rule may not fit all. The key concept is respectful and responsible dress is what we expect from students when we approach this issue. Please use the following guidelines regarding appropriateness.

Clothing that shows bare midriffs, has revealing necklines, and/or does not cover undergarments is not appropriate.

Pants or skirts that are either too short or warn too low at the waist is not appropriate for school.

Straps should be a minimum of 4 cm wide.

Shorts/skirts should come down to the fingers when standing. 

Students will not wear hats in school.

Students will always wear shoes on their feet.

Students should be prepared for gym class by having an extra pair of clean running shoes and a change of clothes. 

Students will not wear clothing depicting violence drugs, alcohol or messages contrary to human rights.

Caps, parkas, jackets and outside footwear are to be kept in the student’s lockers.

Note: School administration reserves the right to determine whether attire is acceptable.