Attendance, Punctuality & Truancy

Regular attendance is a key element in a student’s learning success.  Therefore it is important for students to attend school punctually and consistently.

  1. Students must attend school, be on time, and be prepared for all classes and school activities.
  2. Fun or activity days are regular school days and attendance is required.
  3. Students, who arrive late, are to report to the office before going to their classroom.
  4. When students are absent from school the parents or guardians are expected to phone the school or send a note with the REASON for and the duration of the absence.
  5. When a student is absent, it is that student’s responsibility to find out and catch up on any work that was missed.
  6. Acceptable reasons for absenteeism include illness, medical and dental situations, bereavement and emergency home situations
  7. Students may leave before the end of the day however, they need a note signed by the parents or guardians and authorized by the administration to do so.
  8. When students do leave the grounds at noon they will not return until after the eating part of the noon recess and are to be here for afternoon registration.
  9. If students are absent and are seen at school or extra-curricular activities, this may constitute truancy.  Truancy is defined as absence without prior parental approval and/or absence without acceptable reasons as determined by the Principal.
  10. It is the responsibility of all students to attend all classes, every day.

Students who fail to attend school or a class and who are unable to provide written notice from the parent/guardian, which indicates awareness and approval of the absence, will be considered to be absent without excuse. For specific details, refer to the Attendance Policy.